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Ham Radio Outlet Auctions Policy
Please review our auction policy to understand how we manage auctions.

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO, Inc.) has an established set of rules and regulations to help make our auction website as safe, fair, and enjoyable as possible. As a buyer you will want to review and understand HRO's policies before you bid on or buy any items. If you have any questions or comments about this policy or our use of your personally identifiable information, please contact us through our website contact form.

For information on how we collect information and how we use and protect that information please read our privacy policy for this site.

You can't bid on an item, or use the website at all, if you have false contact information on your user account. The ability to contact you is important and required. Accounts with fraudulent or missing information may be suspended or removed at HRO's sole discretion.

The items on the auction site are sold in an auction-style format where you can make bids. Bidding is a lot of fun, but remember that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. Not paying for an item after you have agreed to buy it is a violation of the terms of this site. HRO reserves the right to suspend your account, cancel your account, and/or ban you from the use of our website.

If you are the winning bidder of more than one listing, you're required to purchase all the items, even if they're the same or similar.

If you make a bid in error, please contact us immediately so we can correct the issue. We can only retract a bid under very specific circumstances but do understand that mistakes happen.

Customers outside the USA please be informed that Ham Radio Outlet is not responsible for any taxes, import fees, customs fees, or shipping fees that may be required for you to receive an auction item. Some auction items may not be shipped to foreign destinations because of export restrictions.

Ham Radio Outlet has the final say in any dispute over auction items. We reserve the right to update, suspend, end early, cancel, or invalidate any auction at any time.


How Do I Bid On An Item?
Bidding is simple. From the main auction page for any item simply enter your bid amount and press the 'Place Bid' button. You will be asked to confirm your bid. All bid values are in United States Dollars (USD).

Is There An Automatic Bid Engine?
NO! There is no bid engine for Ham Radio Outlet Auctions. The bid amount you place, if valid, will be the bid amount listed. Bid accordingly.

How Can I Remove My Bid?
There is no way for a user to remove a bid once placed. However, we understand that mistakes happen. Please contact us for bid assistance.

I Placed A Bid For A Higher Value But It Won't Take My Bid?
All auctions have a 'starting' bid and a 'next' bid. The starting bid is the amount required for the 1st bid on any auction item. The next bid is the amount required to place a higher bid. You can see the next bid required amount listed below the bid entry window (where you type in your bid amount). It will display the next bid amount. You must enter a value equal to or higher then the displayed dollar amount.

Will I Be Notified If I Am Outbid?
NO! There are no email notices for auction bidding. You will need to watch the auction or login to your account to check your bidding status on any item.

Will I Be Notified If I Win?
YES! When an auction is ended you will be notified via email if you are the winner.

I WON! How Do I Pay For An Item I Won?
A Ham Radio Outlet representative will contact you and make arrangements for payment and shipment of your item. We accept most credit cards, Paypal, and bank/wire transfers.

Does The Auction Adjust For Time Zone Differences?
No. All auction dates and times are for Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What If I Just Want To BUY The Item Up For Auction? Do You Have A 'Buy-Now' Feature?
We do not offer a 'Buy-Now' feature. However, many of our auction items are available as regular products through our website. If you are having difficulty finding a product you can contact us for help.

How much is shipping on items?
Unless noted, shipping for any HRO auction item is FREE to any of the 48 US states. Alaska, Hawaii, and all foreign addresses may have shipping charges for auction item. HRO will clearly post in the auction notes any special shipping requirements for that item. If you have any questions about the shipping costs for an auction item please contact us BEFORE you bid.

If you have any questions about our auction policy please contact us.