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Amateur Radio Related News and Information

January 6th, 2014 - Update
RE: Tokyo Hy-Power

It is with great disappointment that we have determined that Tokyo Hy-Power, formally known as the Tokyo High Power Research Institute founded in 1975, has filed for bankruptcy which appears to have occurred on or around December 25, 2013.

This action in Japan appears to be similar to a Chapter 7 action, here within the United States, as the process in this case appears to be the liquidation of organizational assets in order to attempt to fund some portion of its debt obligation(s). This appears to indicate that a court has deemed the organization unable to be effectively reorganized under Japans Civil Reconstruction Code.

We at HRO are deeply saddened by this event as Tokyo Hy-Power has been an industry leader in military, medical, commercial and amateur product delivery in various capacities since 1975. Ham Radio Outlet has coordinated with the former THP US service center (AVSL) to provide as much relief to our current Tokyo Hy-Power customer base as possible. HRO has completed contacting all current paid backordered customers and provided full refunds on any and all items not yet delivered.
  1. AVSL has confirmed that service will be available for some of the THP line of amplifiers. Please contact AVSL directly at 757-340-7143 to determine if the item you intend on having serviced falls under the numerous THP items they can service.
  2. We have discussed continued phone support with Tom Rum the former Tokyo Hy-Power representative here in the US. His phone support will remain in effect through January and perhaps longer.
  3. All customers with back orders awaiting pending delivery of Tokyo Hy-Power products have been provided a full refund.
  4. No further Back Orders will be taken at this time for Tokyo Hy-Power products. HRO will continue to sell its current in-stock inventory and as these products become unavailable we will remove them from our Web Site and in store offerings within our twelve (12) store retail chain.
  5. Any and all sales of Tokyo Hy-Power items past and present will have no manufacturer warranty.
Ham Radio Outlet has not been directly contacted by Tokyo Hy-Power Japan (even as of this update) concerning any of the information provided on this page. Ham Radio Outlet was notified of this very much like the general public and only after enlisting the assistance of two (2) separate Japanese translators have we determined that the reports of bankruptcy appear to be true.

Questions concerning this event should be directed to Steve Gilmore, HRO National Sales Manager. He can be reached at the Virginia Store facility at 800-444-4799.