2 Meter / 440 MHz Duplexer

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To complement the operation of our wide range of Multiband Antenna Designs, we have designed a pair of high-quality Duplexers. These units use superbly executed band pass filter ports with less than one-half dB insertion loss. All connectors are of the "N" type to proved the constant impedance required by the discerning user. The port to port isolation exceeds 50 dB on both units. The Duplexers are housed in a very rugged (1/8" wall thickness) aluminum extrusion.Duplexers Use additional add-on [Piggy Back] Low Pass Port is available for use with either Duplexer and may be field installed at any time. The Low Pass Port will handle 100 watts and has less than one-half db insertion loss from 30 to 55 MHz. A kit is also available to combine those dual band radios that share a single output port.
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