Gordon West General Class Ham Radio Study Manual

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Gordo’s new General Class study manual for the 2015-19 Element 3 exam includes lots of features to make it easier for the upgrading ham to earn their upgrade HF ham radio license – General Class. Here’s a look inside the new book:

The new Element 3 pool has 462 questions, only 6 more than the old pool – but the new pool has been significantly updated. There are 39 brand-new questions, and the Q&A have been rewritten to improve the exam content, better reflecting General Class privileges, operation, radio equipment and the rules an upgrading Technician Class ham needs to know. Gordo has reorganized the Element 3 Q&A into 18 logical topic groups to follow the syllabus of his weekend ham class – and KEY WORDS are highlighted in BLUE throughout the book.

Contributing to the new Edition is Technical Editor ERIC P. NICHOLS, KL7AJ. Eric has added upbeat explanations, revised www addresses, and a new list of ham radio smart phone apps. We’ve also added lots of new photos – most in color – to illustrate specific topics.

A new feature in the book matches the sections of the book to the tracks on the Audio CD Course for students using both learning aides.

In addition to Gordo’s and Eric’s fun answer explanations, our friend “Elmer” offers lots of practical advice. And there are lots of web addresses pointing students to internet sites where they can find additional information about ham radio, amateur radio products, and lots, lots more.

The new General Class book includes a bonus audio “On The Air” CD recorded by Gordo that introduces the upgrading ham to the excitement of General Class operation, a coupon good for a free mini-subscription to CQ – Amateur Radio magazine, and another offering a free book with an ARRL membership.

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