MFJ MFJ-1526
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MFJ MFJ-1526

144 / 440 MHz Pulsar Dual Band Vertical Base Station Antenna - 17 Feet Tall - SO-239

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Best Performance MFJs new Pulsar VHF/UHF Base/Repeater Antennas give you the worlds best quality and performance. PulsePEAK Technology MFJs exclusive PulsePEAK technology provides a super low angle of radiation directly at the horizon. This gives MFJ Pulsar antennas the maximum possible gain for longest range performance. Wide band, High gain performance MFJ Pulsar antennas feature wide band performance and high gain on all bands for superior repeater and base station operation. Youll transmit a powerful signal and receive weak, distant stations clearly. Fiberglass construction Heavy duty fiberglass radomes and overlapping shells add strength and stability for extended dependable use even in high wind.
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