MFJ MFJ-1792

MFJ MFJ-1792

3.5 / 7 MHz Base Vertical Antenna - 1500 Watts - 33 Feet Tall - SO-239 Connector

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A high-performance 80/40 Meter vertical. Full size quarter wave radiator for 40 Meters -- thats 33 feet of ruthless radiating power. End loading, low-loss fiberglass form, high strength 6061 - T6 Aluminum tubing, handles 1500 Watts PEP, requires guying and radials counterpoises or ground screen.

The MFJ-1792 operates as a full quarter wave on 40 meters, and a top loaded 1/8 wavelength antenna on 80 meters. When used with a good ground system, the MFJ-1792 has excellent efficiency and bandwidth on 40. No loading coils are used on these bands. On 80 meters, the antenna is a very efficient top loaded antenna. Top loading is the most efficient loading method known. It is top loaded with a loading coil, wound on fiberglass with Teflon coated wire.

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