West Mountain RB/PP/I13D 58009-963

West Mountain RB/PP/I13D 58009-963

RIGblaster Plug & Play for Icom 13 Pin DIN Connector - 58009-963

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Operate your favorite digital mode program simultaneously with your favorite logging program using the RIGblaster's virtual
COMport Splitter software.

Radio Compatibility

With its simple USB "Plug and Play" installation, the RIGblaster Plug & Play is the simplest RIGblaster to plug in provided that your radio has compatible data/aux jacks. If your radio's data jack allows operation on all bands and modes while supporting proper microphone operation, the RIGblaster Plug & Play may be may be the best RIGblaster for you. Adaptors are required for most radios. See Radio Compatibility Chart for a list of radios that work with the RIGblaster Plug & Play, what adapter cables are required, and what optional cables are available.

Computer Interface

  • USB cable
  • USB powered - No External Power Required

Built-in Rig Control

  • Built in rig control with Icom and Ten Tec or with TTL level CAT control (round CAT jack) Yaesu radios. Control cable an inexpensive option
  • Rig control is possible along with sound card PTT control and CW keying on a SINGLE serial port using Hamscope or MixW software. If HRD is used with DM780, because they are separate programs, they must be configured correctly to work together as one program

True Keyed CW

  • Fully isolated CW keying output for direct keying of your rig's CW. This jack is for use with non-sound card software using serial DTR control. CW Keying cable optional


  • Simplest radio to plug in provided your radio has compatible data/aux jacks
  • Available adapters simplify mic/keyer/audio connections
  • Isolated Audio and Keying
  • Front panel indicators show PTT and CW keying control, USB connection status
  • Properly matched and RF suppressed audio for your radio
  • Carrier detect (COR) for Echolink Ready (see Support Page for detail on activating this feature)
  • Compact - great for portable or QRP operation


  • Assembled in USA to IPC-610 manufacturing standards
  • Printed circuit board uses FR4 material, double sided, plated through holes, solder mask over bare copper, silk screened
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout including PEMâ„¢ threaded mounting standoffs
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