6:1 Current Isolation Balun

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This balun is capable of 1500w SSB and 200w CW or continuous duty mode.

The RadioWavz 6:1 Isolation BALUN. Frequency Coverage: 1.8 to 50 MHz. Good for matching a 300ohm load to a 50 ohm load, or 450 ohm load to a 75 ohm load. Designed to handle full legal power with a low standing wave radio (SWR). This is a BALUN for providing galvanic isolation and intercoupling of an at least partially unbalanced line and a substantially balanced line having similar line impedances which is capable of passing differential signals over a wide bandwidth while substantially attenuating any common mode signals. This BALUN acts as a 6:1 transformer its main function is to isolate the coax form the antenna, thus acting as RF isolator reduce or eliminate stray RF often found on coax.

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