Chameleon Antenna JAWMOUNT

Chameleon Antenna JAWMOUNT

Jaw Mount Rapid Deployment Portable Monopole or Dipole Antenna Mount 3/8 Inch Studs

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The Chameleon Dipole Jaw Mount has been assembled to offer portable antenna versatility for Chameleon Antenna owners. The mount orientation can easily be changed with a simple 3/16 Allen Key. The mount can also be used for NVIS antenna configuration.

CHAMELEON Dipole/Vertical mounts will work with all Chameleon vertical antennas with a 3/8-in. stud. These mounts come in two assemblies: the Jaw Mount, which incorporates the spring loaded clamp; and the Dipole Mount, which has two 3/8 by 24 antenna-mount sockets. The jaw mount can easily clamp to tubing or pipes from about 3/4-in. up to 2.0-in. outside diameter.

The separate dipole mount can clamp on to 3/4-in. pipe or any object no larger than 1-1/4 in. by 5/8-in. The jaw mount and dipole mount assemblies may be used separately or combined into several versatile configurations, depending upon your antenna-mounting needs.

CHAMELEON ANTENNA Dipole/Vertical Jaw Mounts are extremely versatile antenna mounts that will satisfy your need for a rapid deployment antenna system. They are also great portable mounts for backpacking, camping or HOA stealth operations.

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