M2 20M4DX

M2 20M4DX

20m Full Size Yagi - 4 El, 34.7 Ft, 7.6 dBi, 23dB f/b, 36 lbs.

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The 20M4DX is the first in a NEW SERIES of mid-sized, UPS shippable HF antennas for all bands from 20 meters to 10 meters.

Computer designed and VERIFIED with NEC, you will soon see the GAIN and other characteristics advertised in QST magazine. That should separate the players real fast!

A very clean pattern makes it ideal for STACKING (3 dB OF STACKED GAIN!).

M2 now specs FRONT TO REAR which defines the pattern from 90 to 270 degrees. On your request M2 can supply E and H patterns in free space or over ground.

Careful, computer aided mechanical design for LOW WIND AREA, yet long term electrical and mechanical integrity are assured with CNC machined element-to-boom ring clamps and other key components.

The Teflon coax 1:1 balun and rugged, low loss hairpin match insure all you power gets to the airwaves!

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