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Penta Labs 6146B lightweight beam-power pentode

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The PL6146B is a small, lightweight beam-power pentode designed for service as a very high frequency amplifier. It has a short sturdy structure and is ideal for mobile and compact stationary equipment. Due to its superior design, the Penta PL6146B has high power sensitivity, high perveance, and low driving power requirements.

The heater-cathode structure of the PL6146B is designed to supply ample tube current with heater voltages from 6.0 to 7.5 volts; however the tube will perform satisfactorily with heater voltages ranging from 5 to 8 volts. Satisfactory operation throughout a wide range of supply voltages makes possible reliable performance under the conditions normally encountered in mobile service.

Adequate shielding and effective RF grounding are facilitated by the cathode, grid 3, and internal shield all of which are connected to 3 base pins. Isolation of output from input is further enhanced by a top-cap plate connection.