Channel Master 9521A

Channel Master 9521A

Light Duty Antenna Rotator - 120VAC only

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Drive Unit: Handles small to medium-sized VHF/UHF Ham antennas and TV antennas. One-piece cast aluminum housing; Heavy-duty rotator motor, three wire control; Precision-cut gear system; Built-in steel thrust bearing; Wind-tested brake pad; Durable powder-coated finish. 10 lbsÂș Control Unit: Gives direct access via channel number or compass heading. Compatible with most remote controls. Separate infrared remote controller; 69 channel programmable memory; Auto-synchronization for accuracy.

Requires 3 or 4 conductor rotor cable, minimum 22AWG.

Control box power supply is wired for 120VAC operation only.

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Standard, 4-Wire; 4-20 Gauge Rotator Wire per Ft.