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AlexLoop Walkham Portable Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

The AlexLoop Walkham was designed by PY1AHD Alexandre Grimberg and has had over twelve years of research and constant improvements.

The AlexLoop Walkham Small Magnetic Loop antenna can be quickly mounted and disassembled for easy carrying.

Field tests have yielded more than 800 QRP DX contacts, even setting a distance world record which is registered in the Hall of Fame as recorded by the HF Pack group: HF Pack Hall Of Fame

AlexLoop Walkham Small Magnetic Loop Antenna Features

  • Easily Tune in 5 seconds any frequency between 6.95 MHz and 30 MHz
  • You simply need to adjust the built-in tuner to peak the signal in receive mode and then fine tune in transmit mode for the lowest SWR
  • No taps on coils for band changing and no whip adjustments needed to fine tune.
  • All those features above with the incredible freedom of not requiring a counterpoise
  • BNC connector for radio hookup. Purchase UHF-19 if you need to convert BNC to PL-259
  • Does Not include Foam padding on the handle (pictured above) - This is a standard foam bicycle grip sold in most bike and hardware stores!

The Ultimate Solution for Hams with Antenna Restrictions

Window Mounted AlexLoop Walkham Magnetic Loop Antenna

  • The unique low profile design offers a solution for antenna restricted hams and short wave listeners.
  • You can use the AlexLoop Walkham antenna supported on windows, balconies or even inside your radio shack.
  • A discreet antenna that can be used and finally removed from the window or balcony once radio communications have been completed
  • The perfect companion for the traveling ham.

All parts including a 8.5 ft. long coax cable are pre-assembled and are shipped in a small and cleverly constructed padded bag. Weight of the antenna less than 2 Lbs. The cable is equipped with a BNC connector so you can start operatiing right away.

What's Included:

  • Max. Power 10 W FM/AM, 20 W PEP SSB
  • 8.5 ft. Coaxial cable included, with BNC connector
  • Manual tuning box built-in in the base of the antenna
  • Weight including bag 3.3 lbs., size 16.1 x 10.6 x 3.5 in.

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