Band Optimized LP array,20-6M- Plus Freight

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This revolutionary antenna consists of 6 trapless monoband logs on a single 30` boom and 13 full size elements. Computer optimization gives full monoband gain and front-to-back ratio on every band. Exceptionally flat in-band impedance eliminates transmitter re-tuning. Operate six bands: 20,17,15,12,10, and 6 meters with a single direct 50 Ohm feed. Easily handles far more than the full legal power limit. No 4:1 balun, no matching devices, no traps, no coils -- super low losses. At least 3 full size elements are active on each band. 24 ft. turning radius, 30 ft. boom, 36 ft. longest element. 160 lbs. Operate 6 bands simultaneously. Perfect for multiband SDR receivers
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