Bury-FLEX Low Loss Coax - Uses Standard Connectors - Per Foot

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Low Loss, a substitute (up to 2.2 GHz)  for LMR 400 at less cost, installable in water and certain chemicals, the BEST choice for circular install on crank up towers, impervious to UV,  buriable, more flexible than LMR 400. The outer PE jacket is highly resistant to rodents vs. often-used PVC jackets.

By combining a gas-injected foamed dielectric with a dual foil and braid shield construction, BURY-FLEX™ provides the electrical and performance characteristics found in the more expensive 400-series coaxes as well as typical air dielectric type cables.
The Polyethylene (PE) jacket is durable enough for Direct Burial, yet flexible enough to be used for Rotator Loops. The PE jacket also provides improved UV resistance compared to typical PVC jackets, significantly extending the life of your cable.
Typical Characteristics
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Capacitance: 24.6 pF/FT
Velocity: 82% nom.
Attenuation dB/100 FT
10 MHz .6
50 MHz 1.1
100 MHz 1.5
200 MHz 2.0
400 MHz 2.8
700 MHz 3.9
900 MHz 4.4
1000 MHz 4.8

Physical Properties
Conductor: 9.5 AWG Stranded
Bare Copper
Dielectric: Foamed PE
Shield 1: Bonded Foil (100% Coverage).
Shield 2: Tinned Copper Braid (97% Coverage)
Jacket: UV Resistant PE .405" nom OD
Cable Weight: .1 lbs/ft nom.
Bend Radius: 2" min.

Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor and Direct Burial Applications.

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