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1.8 - 54 Mhz Folded Dipole, Stainless Steel, 180 Ft, N connector, 1 KW (Enhanced low freq ops)

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Barker & Williamson's BWDS series of broadband folded dipole antennas gives rear tactical and base units the full HF communications capability they need. These antennas are so unique that they were even patented! A wide variety of missions can be handled with this one antenna. They offer fully automatic, low SWR operation over the entire HF band without need for an antenna tuner/coupler, as well as coverage from 30 to 60 MHz with a tuner for your newest radios. They are frequency agile, and will operate continuous ALE or secure frequency hopping. They will propagate excellent NVIS, medium or long distance. Mast(s) not included but are available from HRO.