Deluxe Mobile Mount Cable Assembly RG-188A/U 9.9 Feet SO239 Base PL-259 Connector

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Deluxe mobile cable designed specifically for use with Comet or Maldol lip mounting brackets. Coax length: 9' 9" total The first 12" of coax is mini RG-188 type allowing easy entry into the vehicle through the weather seal without causing wind noise, water leaks or impedance mismatch due to the coax being crimped or damaged. The balance of the coax is low loss, .25inch outside diameter. Gold-plated UHF (PL-259/SO-239) connectors The PL-259 connector has a reverse threaded barrel. Turn the outer barrel clock-wise and it will thread off the connector body. The coax can then be routed through small holes or pushed through tight spaces without completely removing the connector. After routing the coax into place, screw the barrel back onto the PL-259 connector.
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