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P4dragon PACTOR 4 Modem

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DR-7400 P4dragon

Operating modes: PACTOR-4, PACTOR-3, PACTOR-2, PACTOR-1, WE-FAX (Receive), GPS/RTTY/NAVTEX decoder

Processor: Quadcore DSP from Freescale, 6400 MIPS, 64 Bit

Connections: USB (opt. Bluetooth), GPS (RS232 and TTL), radio AF / PTT (PTC-II compatible), radio-remote control (all usual transceiver types)

Audio Input level/imp: Max 3 V p-p, 47 KΩ

Audio Output level/imp: Max 4.5 V p-p, 1KΩ, both asymmetrically

Display: 8 dual-color LED’s (green, red) indicating all important operating states and signal tuning

Power supply: 10 – 25 V, typically 300 mA, max 400 mA at 10 V supply voltage

Weight / size: 450 g, 125 x 43 x 138 mm (width, height and depth)


Data throughput: Maximum 5512 bps without compression. Approx 10500 bps with PMC using text. This is reached with approx +16 dB @ 4 kHz in an AWGN channel. Under the usual channel conditions this is 1.5 – 3 times faster than PACTOR 3

Compatibility: Backward compatible to PACTOR-1/-2/-3. Automatic negotiation during link setup.

Noticeably improved performance with PACTOR 2 and PACTOR 3

ARQ protocol: Synchronized, similar to PACTOR 3, except 10 instead of 6 speed levels (“Waveforms”) and faster switching. Bandwidth is always smaller than 2400 Hz.

Channel equalization: Iterative adaptive equalizer for the coherent speed levels (5 – 10), RAKE receiver with maximum ratio combination for the splayed speed levels (2-4). Real-time multitasking operating system.

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