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Jones EAFG

Evacuation: A Family Guide Book

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A "how to" guide for planning and executing an effective and successful family evacuation in times of necessity: fire, flood, earthquake, nuclear disaster and other emergencies. At least half the human race lives in coastal areas or other localities that might require them to evacuate. The Evacuation Book will help families living in these risky areas to organize themselves ahead of time in order to leave in an orderly manner.

This book also provides solutions to remaining in a damaged home, traveling safely through dangerous areas, and starting life over if returning home is not possible. The authors believe that The Evacuation Book will provide families the means to maintain sanity and save lives in an age of increasing disaster and unpredictability. What questions will this book help me answer?

You will learn: • How to begin your planning process (simple checklist) • How to determine most likely threats (how to make a simple survey of area threats) • How to set up a simple and inexpensive storage system so supplies can be easily stored and if necessary transported on short notice (how to properly store supplies inexpensively, how to pack containers, how to load your vehicle) • How to determine where to go if you must leave home (how to select a destination, how to make prior arrangements with friends or family) • How to plan, if you become a refugee. What to do when you arrive at your destination (you have escaped the disaster area, but now what?) • How to begin a new life if need be (if your home and job have been destroyed, you will have to start over) • In a forced evacuation, overcoming the chaos and danger is the primary focus of your efforts.

Through reasonable planning, and thoughtful preparation, you will more likely be able to move yourself and your loved ones successfully and safely to a destination of your choosing.

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