Flash-and-Pass FLASH-GEN

Flash-and-Pass FLASH-GEN

General Class Flash Cards Pack - Valid July 1 2015 thru June 30 2019

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The Flash and Pass System is absolutely the fastest, most efficient way to learn. Flashcards are a proven study method allowing an individual to achieve solid results in the least amount of time possible. No other method of study will get you on the air faster.

Focus only on the questions you don't know! Maximum efficiency is gained from the fact that you don't waste time wading through material you have already mastered. And to make the learning process less daunting, Flash and Pass allows you to break down the learning task into easily manageable segments.

Begin with a group of 20 to 30 cards. Flash and Pass provides you with an actual plan for success. As you work through a group of cards, set aside the cards containing the questions you know and have learned the answers to. Once you learn the answers to a complete group of questions, set that group aside and select a new group of cards to work with. When you run completely out of cards, you are ready to ace the test. It's just that simple!

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