Ground Radial Kit for DX-88 - 16 Wires

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This radial kit consists of 4 sets of 4 radial wire assemblies (16 total). Each radial is made from 7/23 copperweld and is 14 feet (4.3 m) in length. A bracket and U-bolt is supplied for attachment of the radials at ground level. This permits the radial wires to lie at ground level so that you may mow the grass over the radials, and not trip over them. Two pigtail wires are supplied to attach the bracket to the base assembly of the OMNI DX-88 vertical antenna. This ensures a higher conductive path from the antenna base to the radial assembly.

This kit also contains a DC shorting coil which can also be used to obtain a better match on the 80 meter band.

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