220 Volt Ham-V Rotator with Controller - Up to 15 Square Feet Wind Area - Special Order

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The HAM-VX is similar to the HAM-IVX, but includes the DCU-1X Pathfinder automatic digital controller unit with gas plasma display. (see the DCU-1X for detailed information). The DCU-1X provides automatic operation of brake and rotor and calibration, and is computer-controlled with RS-232 pass through and compatible with many logging and contest programs. Features 6 presets for beam headings, 1 degree accuracy, auto 8-second brake delay, 360 degree choice for center location, plus much more. This unit operates from 220 VAC. Order HAM-V for 110 VAC operation. Optional lower mast support clamp, Model MSHD. Also see the HAM-VIX, with has the DCU-2X auto controller instead of the DCU-1X..
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