70 cm Linear RF Power Amplifier with 550 Watts of RF Output

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BEKO HLV-550   
70 cm RF Power Amplifier with 550 Watts of RF output
Designed for Weak Signal, Digital, & Contest Operation!
The BEKO HLV-550 employs advanced German engineered solid state technology to deliver instant on, no compromise performance.
Due to its small foot print and light weight, the HLV-550 is the ideal amplifier for: Contest, portable, EME & home station operation.

HLV-550 Features:
* Instant on (No warm up needed)
* No tuning required.
* Covers 430-440 MHz.     Note this amplifier does not cover 440-450 Mhz. due to its narrow band filtering.
* Full output with only 25 watts drive level.  (Other drive levels are available **Please contact us**)
* 550 watts RF Output SSB/CW/Digital Modes/FM
* Output Transistors: MRFE6VP6300H       
* 1 dB Compression Point     500 W
* Harmonics                            -70dBc
* Spurious                              - 70dBc
* Return Loss                          20 dB
* Max. SWR                            1.8 : 1
* WSJT / Digital Modes at rated output
* New, super fast, accidental-overdrive / spike protection up to 150W
* Built-in IMD indication
* An integrated sequenced voltage to control external mast-mounted preamplifiers is provided. A built in Bias-T allows the preamp voltage to be injected onto the coaxial cable. For those preamplifiers that can’t be powered via the coax and require a separate DC cable, the sequenced voltage is available via a back panel connection.

  As with all Beko Elektronik amplifiers, a front panel switch allows the user to select external preamp On / Off function thus allowing the preamplifier to be switched in-line or off-line.

* Extremely High efficiency   
* Extremely light weight       22 lbs.
* Dimensions                      300 x 170 x 470mm    (11.8 x 6.69 x 18.5” WHD)
* Voltage Requirements:      180-260 VAC 50/60 Hz. for Rated Output      100-130 VAC at reduced power output
* Operating Conditions:        0…….40 degrees C

70 cm RF Power Amplifier with 550 Watts of RF output with Low Drive Option.

Designed to interface with low power SDR’s. Switchable from Low power RF Drive Levels to Standard Drive levels at the flick of a switch.

The HLV-550LPD 70 cm linear amplifier will provide 550 W of RF output with drives levels as low as +4 to +18.0 dBm
(2.5 mW – 65.0 mW).

All Beko amplifiers are VSWR, Overdrive and Temperature Protected.

BEKO amplifiers are “the best of the best” VHF UHF & SHF high-power linear amplifiers available worldwide!

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