Cutting Edge Enterprises HM-33 GearHarness

Cutting Edge Enterprises HM-33 GearHarness

Bandolier-Style Radio Chest Harness

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Some of the features of the Radio GearHarness:

Three pockets for your handheld radios, accessories, camera, GPS, cassette recorder, or other devices. Two pockets in the front for quick access , one on the back for single station radio listening with clip-on mic, or devices that do not need adjustment in travel.

2 vertical pockets to hold extra antennas, pens or glow-sticks

Large zippered pocket runs the width of the front of the harness for easy storage of maps, notes, or wide-storage items.

Tough nylon exterior, with foam padding and mesh backing for great ventilation and comfort.

Numerous attachment points to clip on radios, microphones and any other devices.

Adjustable waist strap to accommodate summer weather, or to go over your winter jacket

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