Programming Cable for IC-F121 / IC-F521 - Needs CS-F100 / CS-500

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PC(USB) to Radio Programming Cable for Icom Commercial mobile radios. 

Comes with driver CD, cable, and USB adapter (Programming software not included)

Works with the following Icom radios:

F1721, F2721D, F2721D P25, F5011, F5021, F5061, F5061D, F5121D, F5220D, F6011, F6021, F6061, F6061D, F6121D, F6220D, F9511HT, F9511S, F9511T, F9521, CY5000, CY6000, FR5000, FR6000, IAS X-Band, URFR5000, URFR6000

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