6 Meter 7 Element, 33.6 ft. Boom - Low Noise LFA - Loop Fed Array

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Hy-Gain(R) Low Noise LFA yagis are designed by world renowned Justin Johnson, G0KSC

Hy-gain’s computer optimized third generation G0KSC Loop Fed Array (LFA) yagis are specifically designed for low noise -- hear weak signals that others can’t!

Highly suppressed side lobes reduce unwanted noise and signal pickup from the sides, making your desired signal pop out!

These wide-spaced LFA yagis have lower SWR, higher gain, better front-to-back and more broadbanded than dipole fed yagis.

Hy-gain’s direct 50-Ohm feed has no lossy matching network that limits power handling. hy-gain LFAs handle 5,000 Watts. Your actual operational power is limited by your coax, connectors and other accessories.

Hy-gain LFAs are also computer optimized for maximum strength using hy-gain’s exceptionally strong tooled parts to give years of reliable service.

All Hy-gain Super Heavy Duty 6-Meter LFAs have a 2-inch diameter double walled boom, 5/8” fully insulated elements and 7/16” outer tip sections. Climb your tower only once!

See www.hy-gain.com for full specifications including SWR curves, pattern plots, gain, wind loading, wind survival, front-to-back, more.

Tooled Manufacturing . . .
Highest Quality Materials

1. Hy-gain’s Famous super strong tooled die cast Boom-to-Mast Clamp

2. Tooled Boom-to-Element Clamp

3. Thick-wall swaged aluminum tubing

Tooled manufacturing is the difference between Hy-Gain antennas and the others
-- They just don’t have it, it’s too expensive!

Die-cast aluminum boom-to-mast bracket and element-to-boom compression clamps are made with specially tooled machinery.

Hy-Gain antennas feature tooled swaged tubing that is deburred and cleaned for smooth, easy and secure assembly.

Durable precision injection molded parts.

Hy-gain antennas are stronger, lighter, have less wind surface area, better wind survival, need no adjustments, look professional and last years longer.
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