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ARRL's Low Power Communication 4th Edition

Just a Little RF Power Goes a Long Way!

ARRL’s Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. With only 5 W or less–sometimes much less–you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles.


Tips to Get You Started the Right Way

An introduction to QRP operating, FAQs for newbies and tips that even experienced amateurs will appreciate.

Equipment and Station Accessories

Off-the-shelf commercial gear, kit building and homebrew, including an all-new homebrew photo gallery.

Antennas for QRP Updated and Expanded!

Wire beams, loops, dipoles, portable antennas and a look at the author’s new stealth antenna design.

Operating Strategies

Contesting, awards and advanced techniques for becoming a successful QRP operator.

Emergency Communication

Training, planning and other factors for utilizing low-power gear during an emergency.

HF Propagation for the QPRer NEW!

An authoritative look at likely propagation conditions for Solar Cycle 24.

Plus, QRP calling frequencies, manufacturers…and much more!

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