MFJ MFJ-1024

MFJ MFJ-1024

Outdoor Active Receive Antenna - 50 kHz - 30 MHz - VLF / Shortwave Broadcast / HF Amateur

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"World Radio TV Handbook" says the MFJ-1024 is a "first rate, easy-to-operate active antenna ... quiet.... excellent dynamic range... good gain... very low noise factor.... broad frequency coverage.... excellent choice..." Mount it outdoors away from electrical noise for maximum signal and minimum noise. Has convenient mounting holes for easy installation. MFJ-1024 covers 50 kHz to 30 MHz. Receives strong clear signals. 20 dB attenuator, gain control, ON LED Switch selects two receivers and auxiliary or active antenna. Control unit 6x3x5 inches. Remote unit has 54 inch telescopic whip, 50 feet of coax and connector. 3x2x4 inches.
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