MFJ MFJ-1204P8

MFJ MFJ-1204P8

Plug & Play Digital Mode Interface / Built-In Soundcard For 8-Pin Round Mic Connector

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Plug & Play All Digital Modes

Operate all digital modes with MFJ’s new Plug & Play computer interface with built-in soundcard.

Plug in the MFJ-1204 USB cable into your computer and the included cable for your transceiver. How easy can it get?

Download free powerful software from the internet and enjoy new and exciting digital modes such as PSK31, JT65, FT8, WSPR, EchoLink, APRS, CW, RTTY, SSTV, Packet, Amtor, Hi-speed CW Meteor Scatter, MT-63, WinMOR, WSJT-X and all the new modes as they become available. Use as contest CW memory keyer and voice keyer.

Fully transformer isolated - eliminates hum, ground loops and common mode noise. Tiny 3.75W x 1.5H x 4.5D inches.

Adjustable front panel transmit and receive level controls for clean signals. Automatic PTT control. Powered by USB.

Universal, never obsolete when you change transceivers. Just set a few jumpers and use appropriate cable.

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