MFJ MFJ-1279

MFJ MFJ-1279

Sound Card / Transceiver Interface - 8 Pin Round Connector - Direct Keying Jack

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Direct Keying Jack: -- Allows direct keying of your radio in CW or FSK operation. Auxilary Input Jack: -- Lets you connect an external device such as a tape player or audio from your camcorder or VCR through the MFJ-1279, so you have both peripherals in line. When the MFJ-1279 is OFF, the external device is connected to the computer sound card. No more plugging and unplugging cables. Headphone Jack: -- Use your stereo headphones. External speaker is turned off when headphones are connected. Footswitch: -- A footswitch can be used for PTT when VOX is not used. We recommend the MFJ-1709. The MFJ-1279 includes CD, RS-232 cable, AC Adaptor, and audio cables. It has an 8-pin round mic port.
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