MFJ MFJ-1624
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MFJ MFJ-1624

7 - 54 MHz HF + 6M Mini Bug Catcher Mobile Antenna - 300 Watts PEP - 3/8-24 Base

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This highly efficient base-loaded 5-1/2 foot bugcatcher covers 40 thru 6 Meters -- use a simple truck lip, mirror, luggage mount or tri-mag mount! Become an HF Mobileer almost instantly with almost no effort! Have tons of fun rag-chewing and DXing on the HF bands. Turn boring drives into fun-filled ham adventures. It only takes minutes to attach a trunk lip mount (like the MFJ-347), mirror or luggage mount (like the MFJ-342), or tri-magnet mount (like the MFJ-336T) and screw in your MFJ-1624 mini bugcatcher HF mobile antenna!
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