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50 / 144 MHz Dual Band Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna - Quarter Wave 6M / 5/8 Wave 2M

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MFJ's 5/8 Wave on 2 Meters gives you the maximum possible theoretical gain of any single element mobile antenna -- no matter how much others cost. On 6 Meters, the MFJ-1728B is a high performance full quarter wave antenna. It's an excellent companion for your MFJ-9406, MFJ-9606 or other 6 Meter mobile or handheld transceiver. Gives you great "Magic band" signals used mobile or as a base station antenna. It's perfect for your mobile or HT. Free BNC handheld adapter. Its rated at 300 Watts PEP -- it's amplifier ready Low SWR lets your transceiver deliver full power safely.
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