RAK Rotator without Controller - Up to 30 Square Feet - Dual Worm Gear

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These Rotators are designed with a simple double worm gear drive. This results in a super-strong ultra-reliable rotator system with inherent self-braking. Each includes a precision automatic digital controller. Turning is powerful, smooth, precise and extremely quiet. The inherent self-braking action of its double worm gear drive positively stops it every time -- won’t move! It’s fast! A high-torque DC gear motor rotates your antenna 360 degrees in just 60 seconds with 24 Volts on the motor. The Alfa Spid RAK Rotators operate from 12 to 24 Volts AC or DC. The higher the voltage the higher the torque and the faster the turning speed -- a unique RAK feature. Alf Spid RAK rotators are designed for mounting on a vertical pipe. Select the optional PTF-9 Pipe Adapter to adapt the RAK to a horizontal rotor shelf. The price on this page is for the Alfa Spid RAK-1 Rotator only (without controller).
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