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RoadKing 4 Pin Dynamic Noise Canceling CB Hand Microphone With Flex Cord - Chrome

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The Road-King 564P (RK-56) Dynamic Microphone has been on the road since the interstate was built. Celebrating its 50th year, this rugged CB microphone is best-in-class. Its noise-canceling design and excellent voice response characteristics makes it particularly effective for use in noisy locations.

The RK-56 uses a dynamic, differential type cartridge which discriminates against sounds greater than ½-inch (12 mm) away. A non-marking lip guard assures proper microphone-to-mouth positioning. Best noise cancellation is achieved with the edge of the lip guard just touching the upper lip. The push-to talk switch is located on the top of the microphone housing. The RK-56 is equipped with a six-conductor, black-coiled cord which is relieved at the microphone housing by a telephone type strain relief grommet. The cord may be wired for either relay or electronic switching.
Frequency Response: 100 Hz ~ 8,000 Hz

Impedance: 2000 Ohms (matches 600-5000 ohm inputs)

Cable: 6-conductor

Case: Chrome Cycolac
One-year warranty

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