Screwdriver Antenna HF 3 - 30 MHz - 200 Watts - 73 Inches Maximum - UHF Mount

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Bands: 3.5 - 30MHz  
Power Supply voltage & current: DC 12v 100mA  
Max Power Rating: 200W (SSB)  
Height: Approx. 66" (28 MHz)
Approx. 73" (3.5 MHz)  
Weight: 1.1kg 
Connector: UHF 
Type: 1/4l center loading  
VSWR: Less than 2.0 / Impedance: 50O 
Up-down time: Approx. 50 sec. (3.5-30Mhz )
Approx 20 sec. (7-30MHz)  
NOTE: The SD330 uses the car body for its ground. The bracket and the car body need to be well grounded. 
Comes with OPE750 for tuning 7-50MHz. 

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