Tri Band Base Station Antenna 2 Meters / 222 MHz / 440 MHz - UHF Connector

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The 3500 C SUBURBAN Base Station MULTI BAND Antenna operates on the 144, 220 and 440 MHz bands simultaneously. This is the ideal antenna for heavily loaded towers where space is at a premium, and separate antennas are not feasible. The antenna is ground independent (no ground radials required) and can mount easily, with it's 1 1/8" diameter mounting tube, on standard TV masts, towers or roof brackets. All Suburbans are center fed half wave designs with decoupling techniques employed to assure maximum radiation at the horizon where it belongs. The SO-239 connector is protected from the weather. The slim fiberglass radome presents a tough bur aesthetically pleasing exterior that will stand up in any harsh environment.
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