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Baze TDA

The Day After

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The "The Day After" is the sequel to the popular preparedness fiction adventure "The Road Home". Robbie survived the earthquake, but surviving the day after is another story. After learning that his neighbor Katy is injured, alone, and needs help, Robbie ventures out. Neither of them expect that a short trip across the city will turn into a terrifying race for survival. Changes in the urban landscape complicate the journey, but changes in the people make it far worse. “This book would be gripping enough from the story alone. That it cleverly illustrates useful emergency preparedness lessons at the same time doubles its value, particularly the importance of communication and thinking ahead. A fun read that delivers great lessons along the way - hard to pull off but nicely done!” - H. Ward Silver, Ham Radio for Dummies “This fast-paced adventure highlights the importance of preparedness through a compelling tale of good and evil.” - Arthur Bradley, PhD, Survivalist Series