Don C Wallace W6AM #0016 Perkins N6AW

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Don C. Wallace: W6AM

This book traces the life of Don Wallace, W6AM, and the early history of Amateur Radio. Don's experience with wireless in 1909 preceded government regulations or any form of licensing. Naval stations, commercial stations, ships at sea, and the first wireless experimenters all shared the same wavelengths.

Born in 1898, Don took an interest in wireless at the age of ten when the industry was just in its infancy. The timing was right for a bright and dedicated man to come along and make a lasting imprint on the wireless community. Over the years, he would be the radio operator for a President, build the best Amateur Radio station in the country, write a shortwave book, set the standards of operating achievement for many amateurs, share the podium with the most prominent amateurs of the era, build the largest and most powerful Amateur Radio station in the world, and be the role model for many of the young men entering the hobby. It was the latter that he enjoyed the most.

Don held an annual open house and would go to great lengths to encourage newcomers to the hobby. Although always a hobby to Don, many of the leaders of the radio industry came to know and respect him. The word always used to describe Don and his attitude toward the wireless hobby was "enthusiasm."

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