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Stridsberg MCA204MN

Stridsberg MCA204MN

VHF/UHF 4-Port Receiver Multicoupler 25 MHz to 1 GHz - N Fem Input/4 BNC Output

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N-Connector On Input Port, BNC Connectors On Output Ports

MCA204MN is an active multicoupler designed to distribute VHF/UHF antenna signals to four (4) receivers without loss and with high isolation between ports. It is specifically suited for signal intercept and VHF/UHF monitoring stations, both fixed or mobile platforms. It can be used in any monitoring post using receivers, scanners or spectrum analyzers.

MCA204MN has a mechanical and electrical design construction that will meet any government, military or commercial specification. This unit is designed to give high performance results in any radio monitoring post using multiple intercept receivers. Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure with a black powder coat finish is standard, olive drab green (MIl-841OD) is also available on request.

If only two (2) outputs are needed the model MCA202MN is available. This unit have equivalent electrical and mechanical specifications as the MCA204MN and in the same case style

The MCA204MN is a specially designed multicoupler for use in the VHF/UHF service band for radio monitoring and signal surveillance.

Its high performance and rugged design will meet the most stringent commercial and government requirements.

MCA204MN can support up to four (4) devices such as radios or spectrum analyzers. The four outputs has a gain of +4 dB with a nominal impedance of 50 Ohm. The input circuitry features a 5-section high-pass filter to shape the frequency response of the unit and to provide for out-of-band signal rejection.

The MCA204MN is constructed in a rugged die cast aluminum enclosure with mounting flanges.

DC power required is +12 Volts (nominal) at 100 mA.
A wall adapter (110 VAC/+12 VDC-300 mA) is supplied for the North American market.

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