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HAM RADIO OUTLET Pan Adapter 7300
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HAM RADIO OUTLET Pan Adapter 7300

RF/IF Interface Module - Pan Adapter

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The Pan Adapter 7300 is a novel accessory designed specifically for the ICOM IC-7300 transceiver. It functions as a wide-band panadapter by tapping into the transceiver's TX/RX line and allowing it to be used with software-defined radio (SDR) applications.

One of the notable features of the Pan Adapter 7300 is its flat frequency response, which covers a wide range from 30kHz to 120MHz. This broad frequency coverage enables users to monitor a wide range of signals and frequencies using their IC-7300 transceiver.

Another important aspect of the Pan Adapter 7300 is its built-in high input impedance amplifier. This amplifier serves to monitor the TX/RX line of the IC-7300 without loading it. By avoiding loading, the Pan Adapter 7300 ensures that the measurement does not introduce unwanted attenuation or distortion to the signals passing through the transceiver.

Compared to more traditional methods of using a panadapter with a transceiver, the Pan Adapter 7300 offers several advantages. Its high input impedance design allows for distortion-free tapping, and its wide frequency response provides versatility in monitoring various frequency ranges. These features make it a versatile tool for amateur radio operators and SDR enthusiasts who wish to enhance the functionality of their IC-7300 transceiver.

Key Features:

  • Solder/hassle free installation
  • Installation is totally reversible
  • Allows a wide range of spectrum (30kHz - 120MHz) to be monitored
  • Does not load the TX/RX line of the radio
  • It allows external tuner operations