RadioAnalog PTRX-7300 V2

RadioAnalog PTRX-7300 V2

RF/IF Interface Module - Pan Adapter

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The PTRX-7300 V2 utilizes an active high impedance probing technique to sample a bidirectional TX/RX signal line. The resulting 50-Ohm output can be used to monitor the spectrum, or provide a waterfall display, by connecting it to an SDR (not included).

Because the circuit is just sniffing (not loading the RF signal line, thanks to its high input impedance amplifier,) it can not be sensed by the rig and has no adverse effect on normal operation. There is no 3 dB loss as in the case of the usual power splitting approach to sample the signal. The amplifier is designed with state of the art components for ultra low distortion and low noise. Active and passive components are from well-known vendors, such as Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, AVX, TE Connectivity, etc.

Installation is solderless and reversible. Fortunately, the IC-7300 has a connector on its PCB designated as J1431 where you can sample the TX/RX signals. The antenna RX signal reaches this point after passing through input filters and low noise amplifiers. There is also a low power TX signal going to the Power Amplifier. TX signal level is low enough (<500 mVpeak) to monitor with same SDR hardware.

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