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Packet Interface Cable - Icom Modular to MFJ TNCs

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This preassembled TNC-to-Radio cable is for use between MFJ TNC`s and Multi-Mode Controller (models: MFJ-1214 / 1270B / 1270BT / 1271 / 1276 / 1276T / 1278 / 1278T / 1278B / 1278BT), and TAPR compatible TNCs, and most Icom RJ-45S 8-pin modular plug radios (except 25A and 255A) and any radios that are pin compatible with them. MFJ takes all the hassle and soldering out of wiring your rig to your TNC with these radio accessory port cables. Pre-wired cables save you time, money and aggravation. Plug and play!
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