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RF Noise Canceller - Front-end RF Noise Canceller for Receivers & Tranceivers

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The ANC-4 is an rf device that eliminates or reduces power line noise, BPL noise, computer noise, TV-generated interference, and other types of electrical noise. The ANC-4 unit connects right to the antenna connector of the receiver or transceiver to cancel locally generated noise before it gets into the receiver and affects the receiver AGC circuits. Reception of signals well below the noise level of the local interference is possible.

The new ANC-4+ looks similar to the ANC-4 but has a number of New Features:

ANC-4+ New Features

  • External TX/RX Control: A jack on the back panel to connect a PTT line from the radio or an external data controller such as the PK-232SC+.
  • Adjustable TX Hang Time: A pot on the back panel to adjust the time the ANC-4 remains in the transmit mode after the PTT line or TX RF is removed.
  • Noise Amp Front End Protection: circuitry to protect the noise amplifier input from damage by a high power signal from a nearby antenna.
  • TX LED Indicator: a red LED indicator on the from panel when the ANC-4+ is in the TX mode. Activated by either an 10W RF TX signal on the main antenna input or a low level on the new PTT input jack.
  • Extended Frequency Range On The AM Broadcast Band Trap: Jumper selectable frequency coverage of the entire AM Broadcast Band.
  • SMT Construction: The main circuit board is built with surface mount technology on a gold plated PC board.
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