QSK-5 Internal Board AL-80 82 1200 1500 800H Installation Required

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Ameritron's exclusive AmpSaver (available in QSK-5PC) completely turns off your power amplifier tube current between dots, dashes and words! This new QSK technology gets rid of unwanted power dissipation that causes damaging heat. Your expensive amplifier runs cooler so every component in your amplifier lasts longer. Our exclusive SureSwitch handshaking prevents "hot switching" RF power. Prevents TVI, RFI, key clicks and possible damage to your amp. The QSK-5 is six times faster than a typical mechanical vacuum relay "QSK" switch that can just barely keep up with QSK transceivers. As transceivers get faster and better, mechanical switching just won't be able to switch fast enough. Unlike noisy mechanical vacuum relays, the QSK-5 is extremely quiet -- there's no relay chatter to keep you from enjoying QSK.
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