1.5 - 700 MHz Lightning Arrestor - HF 2000 Watts / VHF 375 Watts / UHF 125 Watts - N Female

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IS-50NX-C0 Description     Hide

Please note: This item replaces the IS-50NX-C1 arrestor

The Polyphaser IS-50NX-C0 is a coaxial surge protector. It assures surge voltages and currents are prevented from being passed to other equipment. DC blocked, low loss, wide frequency range, low VSWR, aluminum enclosure, multiple strike capability.

Mount Type Flange
Frequency Range
  1.5 MHz to 400 MHz
Protected Side Connector
 N Female
Surge Side Connector N Male
Turn On Voltage  600 VDC ± 20 %
VSWR  =1.1:1 2 to 400 MHz
Insertion Loss  = 0.1 dB
RF Power  HF 2 kW, VHF 375 W, UHF 125 W
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