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GRANITE STATE Cobra-Ultralite-SR

GRANITE STATE Cobra-Ultralite-SR

1.8 - 30 MHz 140 Foot Dipole with Ladder Line - Requires Balanced Antenna Tuner

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UltraLite Senior: 160-10 Meters, 140 feet

  • Covers More Bands than a G5RV
  • Goes up Fast, Easy on Trees.
  • All Stainless Hardware
  • Black Marine ABS Insulator Blocks
  • Handles a Full kW on All Bands.
  • Tough. Pull-tested for Ice and Snow Loads.
  • Professionally Engineered and Built.
  • Center or End Supported.
  • Fully Assembled with 81-Feet of Ladder Line.

On its primary and harmonic operating frequencies, this antenna works identically to a ladder-line fed doublet. The big difference is, the Cobra's unique close-spaced multi-wire element also introduces two added resonant responses below the antenna's fundamental operating frequency. These responses extend frequency coverage far beyond that of a conventional doublet or G5RV. For example, the 140-foot (80-meter) Cobra also resonates near 2.8 MHz and on 160 meters. Similarly, the 73-foot (40-meter) Cobra also covers 60 and 75 Meters. Increasingly, hams are replacing G5RVs and other multi-band dipoles in order to realize the Cobra's extended coverage and great performance.

On its primary and harmonic operating frequencies, tests show no discernable difference in signal strength between a Cobra and a regular full-sized doublet or dipole. On its sub-bands bands where the Cobra is physically "short", efficiency is somewhat lower than for a full-sized dipole.

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