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4:1 Current Balun - 1.8 to 30 MHz - 300 Watts - 200 Ohms Balanced to 50 Ohms Unbalanced

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The MFJ-913 is a 300 Watt true current balun/antenna center insulator that transforms 200 Ohms balanced loads to 50 Ohms (unbalanced) for your coaxial cable. Transmission Line Transformer construction using 100 Ohm characteristic impedance transmission line gives flat 160-10 Meter response. Large low permeability ferrite cores easily handle full power. SO-239, stainless steel hardware with direct 14 gauge stranded copper wire connection to antenna. Heavy duty weather housing. Measures 4ΒΌ x 2 inch diameter.

(If not available, see also W2AU 4:1)
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