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West Mountain RR/4005/C 58312-1038
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West Mountain RR/4005/C 58312-1038

RigRunner 4005 - 5 Outlets - 40 Amps - with Cable & 6 Pack of PowerPole Connectors

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RR/4005/C RIGrunner 5-way 12V Distribution Board. 5-way 12V Distribution Board. Supplied with 12V power cord and 6 pairs of connectors. It has 5 outlets and connectors on the side. Perfect for small or mobile installs, or as expansion unit. 6-footin put cable #10 AWG with 1/4-inch ring terminals. 6 pair Powerpole sets.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors Provide Interoperability for Emergency Communications

  • Our Powerpole® configuration conforms to the ARES, RACES, RSGB standard, and ARRL recommendation for high current 12 VDC connectors.
  • Safe secure, HOT CONNECT, polarized, color keyed, genderless connector system.
  • No messy binding posts, frayed wire connections, black tape or short circuits!
  • A full array of quick change Powerpole® power supply, extension and adapter cables available

High Current Capability

  • High current! More than enough 12 V power for your station. Pick the appropriate model
  • Each outlet may be used at full ratings: transceivers, amplifiers or any accessory
  • The 8012 is conservatively rated at 80 A total with any outlet good to 40 A
  • Models 40xx are conservatively rated at 40 A total with any outlet good to 40 A
  • 4004, 4005, 4008 & 4012 models can use any output jack as the power input with full ratings

Protected with Electronic Solid State Fuses or Readily Available ATC/ATO Fuses

  • 4005i features electronic fuses with user configurable trip points, 1 to 40 A
  • Each outlet is individually fused with automotive ATC/ATO fuses on other models. Shipped with appropriate fuses installed
  • Fuses are quick change; accessible from the outside using high quality fuse holders
  • ATC/ATO auto fuses are easy to get and are available in 10 values from 1 to 40 A

Power Monitoring and Alerts

  • Precision window comparator quick status power monitor, makes a voltage problem obvious
  • LED over and under voltage indicators instantly indicate a problem, without interpretation
  • An audio alert is configurable to alarm on overvoltage or under voltage (both on 4010, 8012, 4012 & 4008 only) or may be disabled.
  • Each fuse has a handy blown fuse LED illuminator to show short circuit problems instantly
  • 4005i can issue alarm emails

RF Suppression

  • RF suppression on each outlet suppresses RF leakage between equipment. Keeps your power supply in regulation
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