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7 MHz Off Center Fed Dipole - Windom - 1500 Watts PEP SSB / 200 Watts Continuous

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The Windom is a 1/2-wave horizontal dipole fed off-center by a single-wire non-resonant transmission line. It is named after L.G.Windom, W8GZ who described it in September 1929 QST. Although it is commonly called a Windom it is more properly described as Off-Center-Feed dipole. A feed line is attached to an optimum point along the dipole by a BALUN. Taking one vertical angle and frequency with another, the RadioWavz DX (OCF) Windom is Omni directional. 66 feett (20 m) long. Made with Stranded 14 awg UV insulated wire. Power 200 Warrs Key down 1500 Watts SSB/PEP.
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