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9:1 Current Isolation Balun

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This balun is capable of 1500 Watts SSB and 200 Watts CW or continuous duty mode.

The RadioWavz 9:1 Isolation BALUN. Frequency Coverage: 1.8 to 50 MHz. Good for matching a 450 Ohm load to a 50 Ohm load, or 675 Ohm load to a 75 Ohm load. Designed to handle full legal power with a low standing wave radio (SWR). This is a BALUN for providing galvanic isolation and inter coupling of an at least partially unbalanced line and a substantially balanced line having similar line impedance’s which is capable of passing differential signals over a wide bandwidth while substantially attenuating any common mode signals. This BALUN acts as a 9:1 transformer its main function is to isolate the coax form the antenna, thus acting as RF isolator reduce or eliminate stray RF often found on coax. Typical uses are for Rhombic, Delta loops, and V-beams, folded tilted terminated dipole and end-fed Vee antennas.

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