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Scanner Master LNA-AIR

Scanner Master LNA-AIR

Low Noise Air Band Preamplifier - 118 to 137 MHz - BNC Connectors

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Tuned low noise preamp. Range 118-137 MHz, gain typ. 20 dB, BNC-connectors, supply 12 Volts via coax. This device requires the PWR-I Power Injector for power. You can mount the LNA-Air outdoors at your antenna for the best signal amplification. In this way you will not be amplifying noise picked up by the coax cable. Run a short jumper cable from the pre-amp to the antenna such as our high-quality LMR-400 cable for antennas with N-connectors . Then run coax cable (see our various lengths we offer -- you may need a BNC to N or PL259 female adapter on one end and an F-connector adapter on the other) into your home or office where the scanner is located. There connect the other end of the long coax run to the Power-I. Run another short jumper such as the item below to the scanner. Power the Power-I with 12-volts using our AD-140 adapter.
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